Heat ‘N Sweep has been a thriving business for over 40 years. Everything we do here at HNS, we believe in Making Living Better for our employees, clients and community. We do this by making the shopping experience fun for everyone, providing products that help create unforgettable life experiences, taking care of clients and employees alike as part of our HNS family, and serving our community by donating to many local charities.

We pride ourselves in selling a unique range of outdoor/indoor furniture, spas and saunas. We also have a fireplace department as well as a gas grill department. Our selection of carefully chosen upstanding brands are practical, beautiful and long lasting.

Initially, the primary focus of our business was to make living better by sweeping chimneys and selling wood stoves and fireplaces.  As the first chimney sweep in Michigan and the 98th in the United States, it was not hard for Heat’n Sweep to benefit from lots of attention.  Heat’n Sweep attended weddings and events, rode in parades … and business prospered greatly.

As the world has changed, so has Heat’n Sweep.

Heat’n Sweep has evolved from fireplaces and sweeping to carrying patio and casual furniture, wicker, spas and gazebos, grills, statues and fountains, art, among other household appliances.  It truly is a fantastic establishment for any homeowner to visit.  People have always been mesmerized by fires and fireplaces.  More recently, however, people have expanded their scope and are now also very interested in having comfortable living spaces outside their homes. As we all know, life is made up of the all the moments we experience, and we want to help make them wonderful for you!

The way the world is going, people are nesting more.  Heat’n Sweep is filling up lots of big patios with barbecues, patio furniture, fountains and sculptures.

Stainless steel barbecue sets; wicker chairs and sofas; patio sets made of wrought iron; stainless and extruded aluminum; and soft; colorful cushions are a mere sample of the products on the elegant showroom floor.

Heat’n Sweep will continue to feature innovative products and ways of conducting business as the nesting trend continues.  Heat’n Sweep carries new and innovative products for in the house in the way of fireplaces and art, and new innovative products for outside the house.  People are doing more of the living experience outside on the patios.

Along with the broad depth of our product line, customer service and satisfaction is a core competency within the business.  Our staff is exceptional at fulfilling the experience for the customer from the store through the sale and life of the product. Heat’n Sweep is known for incredibly friendly service and receptive employees.  Heat’n Sweep ships anywhere; we do anything.  We’ve always had that mentality.  We will take care of anyone who lives anywhere in the world.  It doesn’t matter where you live in the United States, we will take care of you; we’ve flown people to Florida to take care of deliveries.

Heat’n Sweep hopes people will come in and enjoy a friendly, relaxed atmosphere that has the ability to provide remarkable products and an enjoyable experience that will last a lifetime.  Come by Heat’n Sweep and make living better today!



Serving you for over 40 years!

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