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Hearthstone Craftsbury 8392 Wood Stove

The Hearthstone Craftsbury 8392 wood stove is a compact and efficient wood heater that will keep your home warm and make the most of your wood pile.

Hearthstone’s amazing burn quality features the most remarkable flames in the industry, and the glass stays incredibly clean. You’ll be mezmerized by your Craftsbury wood stove’s beautiful flames all winter long!

The Craftsbury burns up to 40,000 BTUs and heats up to 1,400 square feet. It has 79% HHV efficiency and produces up to 20 hours of heat from a single load of wood.

New 2020 EPA regulations require wood burning heaters to emit less than 2 grams/hour of soot. The EPA certified Craftsbury is a clean burning stove thanks to the TruHybrid™ Clean system, with only 1.07 g/hr of particulate emissions.

The Craftsbury is constructed of high-quality cast iron parts and finished with beautiful porcelain enamel providing comfortable, long-lasting heat and a lifetime of trouble-free service.


Kozy Roosevelt 34 Gas Insert

This versatile gas insert can be customized to fit into the decor of any room. This gas insert comes with three different media kits available: traditional logs, birch logs, and a beach accent kit. The Roosevelt 34 gas insert offers a clean, louverless look that maximizes the viewing area. When combined with hand-crafted high definition logs and realistic flame, you’ll soon forget that drafty old fireplace you once had. 


Mendota FV42/FV36 Gas Fireplace

Get the latest in landscape design with the Mendota clean face direct vent FV42 & FV36 gas fireplaces. Choose your front, interior lining and logs to create the fireplace that is perfect for you. With the touch of a button, you can change the entire mood of your room or the outlook on your day. Our fires tend to your need, not the other way around. You will have the fireplace of your dreams.


Kozy Slayton Gas Fireplace

The Slayton linear fireplace offers a sleek modern design that will revolutionize your contemporary design ideas. Kozy’s contemporary series offers affordable elegance that combines innovation and design with function and efficiency. Comes in a variety of fireplace sizes, media (log, glass or rock) and accent lighting that will make the Slayton a Stunning addition to your home.


Ambiance Hill Country Gas Logs


The Ambiance Hill Country Charred style gas logs bring realism to your hearth with our deep bark detail, smokey charring, and natural logs. A beautiful fire with a gorgeous glowing ember bed.  Intricately hand painted gas logs provide genuine fireplace elegance inspired by nature.


Optional remote control available


Ambiance Cherry Grove Gas Logs


The Ambiance gas logs with the patented Radiant Riser Technology for more heat output. Big impressive and spectacular fire with a beautiful glowing ember bed. Intricately hand painted logs provide fireplace elegance inspired by nature. Enjoy your fireplace without the need to cut, stack or carry wood.


Optional remote control available.



Hearthstone Champlain Gas Stove

The Hearthstone Champlain gas stove has the intricate cast iron detailing that will add classic style to your room. Enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a burning fire that lights with a convenient thermostatic remote control, which allows you to set the temperature to keep your home cozy and comfortable. The Champlain burns cleanly and uses a cast iron heat exchanger to move the heat from the fire into your home rather than up the chimney.

The Hearthstone Champlain gas stove comes in two models: standing pilot (model 8303) and on-demand pilot (model 8302).

Standing Pilot (model 8303): The SIT Nova system uses a standing pilot. The pilot is lit at the beginning of the heating season and stays on to keep your chimney warm and ready to use. A standing pilot uses a minimal amount of gas and helps your stove start reliably in cold weather.

On-demand Pilot (model 8302): The Maxitrol GV60 system uses an on-demand pilot. When the stove is not in use, the pilot turns off to conserve fuel and save you money. When you turn the stove on, the pilot lights automatically.


Arkell Electric Fireplace Media Console


Clean lines and simple modern forms come together to create a fresh urban look in the Arkell media console. Graphite veneers shimmer under a chestnut finish which is warmed by the flickering flames of the all new, dazzling Multi-Fire XD™ Electric Firebox including Comfort$aver™ heating system and gWave™ gesture recognition technology.


50″ Prism Electric Fireplace


Sparkling with intensity in a full spectrum of RGB colors, the Prism flame effect illuminates the diamond-like acrylic ice ember bed in a show-stopping effect. Complete with a powerful and efficient fan-forced heater, this fireplace will add comfort and ambiance to any space. Plugged in or direct-wired, hung on the wall or built-in; the Prism is beautifully versatile.


Holbrook Electric Fireplace


The clean lines of this transitional fireplace give a subtle nod to art deco design. Fluted pilasters, simple carved lines and an elegant stepped mantel create an engaging centerpiece for any room.


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