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Installation of a gas stove or gas fireplace

gas-fireplaceAs with any vented hearth product, please rely on the expertise of a hearth professional for installation. All installations must be done in accordance with the owner’s manual and the local building codes. For installation requirements not specifically addressed in the owners manual or by building codes,refer to theNFPA 54. Our sales staff has over 60 years combined experience to ensurre that your installation is safe and legal. It is essential that a permit be pulled with every installation. Your local inspector is the person who will be checking the installation to ensure everything is to code.


How To Light the Pilot to Your Gas Fireplace or Stove

Gas-Fireplace-InspVarious models differ slightly from one another, but the concept is very much the same. First locate on the unit where the pilot knob is (it should say “OFF”, “ON”, and “PILOT”).  There is also an ignitor button under there (it should be close to the pilot knob). Turn the pilot knob from “OFF” position to “PILOT” position (you might have to push in on the knob a little to get it to turn).  While holding the knob in, push the ignitor button until the pilot lights.  Continue to hold the knob in for about 60 seconds after ignition, then release slowly. If the pilot stays lit, push in the pilot knob and turn it to the “ON” position. Your fireplace is now set to burn. For any questions please refer to the owners manual.


The Merit

Merit-IndoorOutdoor-FireplaceDesigned for use outdoors, the Merit™ Plus Series outdoor wood-burning fireplace is both beautiful and durable.The stainless steel front and lintels make it an ideal choice to complement the design of any outdoor area. Robust stainless steel curtain-pull firescreens maintain their beauty over time. Available in 36″ and 42″ screened openings. Large Stainless Steel fire grate and heavy concrete refractory provides superior durability.

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Twilight II Indoor/Outdoor Gas Fireplace


Heat & Glo’s Twilight II is the world’s first indoor/outdoor see-through fireplace.  Enjoy your fireplace from your family room and patio simultaneously, any time of the year.  This gas direct-vent model was tested as both a fireplace and a window, which assures you years of great, carefree performance regardless of the weather.



Make a sunny day or starry night your ceiling by taking the warmth and functionality of a Heat & Glo Montana fireplace to your backyard.  The Montana fireplace is unique in that it combines the elegance and durability of stainless steel with the beauty of a full refractory lining and a generous 36″ or 42″ firebox opening.

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Aurora Gas Fireplace

kingsman-aurora1Your nights will never be the same with the new Aurora from Kingsman’s Marquis collection.  Designed for your outdoor oasis, this fireplace demands attention with its Satin Coat Black or Stainless Steel Finish and your choice of a contemporary rock collection or log set. Looks like the stars in the sky now have a little competition.

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Zephyr Bellow

Johnny Beard is a skilled craftsman, and a rare one at that. He is one of the very few craftsmen in the United States that specializes in making bellows. They are heavy duty, durable, and beautifully made.


Small Twin Valve Bellow

All bellows are made with the finest woods and suede or smooth leather. Every bellows is hand-signed by Johnny Beard himself, a proven mark of excellence.


Small Oak Bellow

Each bellows is specially designed and handcrafted. With years of experience as a designer/craftsman, Johnny Beard draws inspiration from a unique blend of stylistic influences.


Round Back Bellow

The Johnny Beard Company is dedicated to making the best products with the most innovative designs. Handcrafted excellence to meet the highest of standards.

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