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Saffire Red Acacia Cart

Teak and Acacia Wood Carts are an attractive way to give your Saffire Grill built-in functionality.  Sturdy wooden grill carts with optional granite tops for ultimate style and durability provide work space and open storage space but still have mobility with locking casters. This Saffire grill cart is a great option for an outdoor kitchen!

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Big Green Egg 3 Piece Toolset

Great chefs demand the best tools, and the 3 Piece Toolset offers the grilling aficionado the upper hand on outdoor cooking.  The set of three barbecue tools includes a spatula, two-prong fork and locking tongs made of durable stainless steel.  Attractive rosewood handles are contoured to ensure a comfortable grip.  Always use the right tool for the job!


Big Green Egg Ash Tool

The BGE Ash Tool is the perfect utensil for removing the small amount of ash that collects at the bottom of the EGG.  Using the bar at the end of the Ash Tool, you simply pull the ash out of the stainless steel draft door.  Available in different sizes to suit each Egg, the Ash Tool is a necessity!


Big Green Egg Baking Stones

The BGE Baking Stone is a versatile piece of cookware for baking anything from pizzas to breads to desserts.  The Baking Stone distributes heat for even baking and browning, and the ceramics pull moisture from the outer surface of the dough for brick oven crustiness.  The Baking Stone retains heat, so foods remain warm longer.


Big Green Egg BBQ Guru

The BBQ Guru’s microprocessor technology enables chefs to automatically control the internal temperature of the egg while monitoring the temperature of the meat being cooked.  Set the temperature and forget it while you relax by the pool or sleep soundly during a sixteen hour low and slow cook.  The BBQ Guru will alert you when your food reaches the desired internal temperature.  Once you have tried it, you will not want to cook without it!


Big Green Egg Citronella Votive Candles

Keep those pesky bugs away with Big Green Egg Citronella Votive Candles.  The set of four detailed candles offers a chance to celebrate your Egghead status in style while discouraging unwelcome guests from crashing the party!


Big Green Egg Cookbook

The 320-page, hardcover Big Green Egg Cookbook contains extensive color photography and more than 160 delicious recipes that maximize the unique cooking abilities of the Egg.  This book explains cooking techniques and accessories specifically designed for the Egg to create the different types of cuisine.  Be a Green Egg Chef!


Big Green Egg Corn Holders

Big Green Egg Corn Holders are the perfect way to enjoy delicious grilled corn on the cob without burning your fingers!  The highly detailed holders have sturdy prongs to keep your corn under control.  A set of four pairs lets the whole family enjoy corn on the cob together.


Big Green Egg Deep Dish Baking Stone

The BGE Deep Dish Baking Stone is ideally suited for baking pizza, pies and quiche. It fits the Large and X-Large Eggs. Like the flat BGE Pizza Stones, it creates the brick oven crustiness and retains heat longer to keep food warm!


Big Green Egg Electric Starter

If you prefer ignition at the click of a finger, the Electric Starter is a great option for chemical-free lighting.  This handy device, with a heat resistant handle, will have you cooking in minutes without even striking a match!

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