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Big Green Egg Grill Brush/Scraper & Grid Cleaners

Try one of these handy Big Green Egg tools to clean your BGE cooking grid. The BGE Grill Brush has a unique, two-handle design for extra leverage. It has a replaceable head of stainless steel bristles, scraper and hanging hook, and the heavy duty plastic head and handle are durable and sturdy. The BGE Grid grill cleaning brush and scraper has a 23″ extended handle, which makes cleaning all sides of the cooking grid easy even when hot. The BGE Porcelain Rack Cleaner is for use when the grill is cool.


Big Green Egg Grill Gripper & Lifter

The BGE Grill Gripper (left) easily and safely grips and lifts stainless and porcelain cooking grids.  The Grid Lifter (right) varies in design, but performs the same function as the Gripper.  An important tool for using your Egg!


Big Green Egg Grilling Planks

Plank cooking is a unique culinary method from the Native Americans.  The tradition of cooking on a plank is a popular at-home grilling technique that adds a whole new dimension to your food.  Alder gives a soft, smoky flavor, Cedar is robust and woodsy, Maple creates a slightly sweet, buttery-rich, nutty flavor, and Red Oak gives a rounded, smoky finish.  The planks come from certified sustainable and food grade wood sources and are select cut for optimum flavor.


Big Green Egg Half Moon Baking Stone

The Half Moon Baking Stone turns your Egg into a fire brick oven great for making pizzas, breads, desserts and other baked items.  With the Half Moon Baking Stone, you can cook indirectly on one half of the cooking grid while keeping the other half of the grid available for roasting meats or vegetables.  The Half Moon Baking Stone is available for the Large and X-Large Eggs.


Big Green Egg Half Moon Raised Grid

The BGE Half Moon Raised Grid with Drip Pan gives you the flexibility to direct cook on one half of the Egg and indirect on the other half.  The X-Large and Large sizes can also be paired with a Half Moon Baking Stone for more cooking options.  Expand your Egg!


Big Green Egg Jalapeno Grill Rack & Corer Set

Make delicious Jalapeno Poppers with the BGE Jalapeno Grill Rack & Corer Set.  A serrated corer trims the peppers and scoops out pulp and seeds.  The heavyweight stainless steel rack holds the jalapenos upright for filling and cooking.  The Jalapeno Rack is a fun and tasty accessory for your Egg!


Big Green Egg Lump Charcoal

Big Green Egg Natural Lump Charcoal is a premium product with major advantages over ordinary charcoal briquettes.  The superior natural lump charcoal is made from 100% domestic oak and hickory wood and contains no by-products, chemical fillers or petroleum additives.  Natural lump charcoal imparts a great flavor to foods with no chemical aftertaste, it burns longer, and lights quickly.  You definitely will see the quality difference!


Big Green Egg Natural Fire Starters

BGE Natural Charcoal Starters light easily, are odorless, tasteless, and have no chemical aromas or residue. Big Green Egg charcoal fire starters are clean, safe and ready to use in place of lighter fluid, which saves money and provides a much better result! Purchase your fire starters and the Big Green Egg at Heat’N Sweep located in the Lansing, MI area.


Big Green Egg Pizza Tools

A BGE Rocking Pizza Cutter swiftly cuts pizza into slices.  Simply press and rock the blade back and forth to cut the desired size.  The BGE Pizza Peel lets you slide pizza in and out of a hot egg and has a swivel handle for storage.  The BGE Baking Stones will acquire a natural patina as part of its continued use.  The BGE Stone Scrubber effectively cleans a pizza stone while preserving its baking surface and integrity.


Big Green Egg Plate Setter

The BGE Plate Setter is used for indirect cooking on the Egg by creating a barrier between the food and the fire, which turns your EGG into an outdoor convection oven.  The design of the Plate Setter allows heat to radiate throughout the dome while preventing the flames and direct heat of the fire from reaching the food.  Nothing will contribute greater versatility to your outdoor cooking than a Plate Setter!

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