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Connect to My Arctic Server

How to connect Arctic Spas to the My Arctic Server.


Tenda WiFi Extender

How to connect with a Tenda WiFi extender.


Direct Ethernet Connection

How to connect with direct ethernet connection.


Ethernet Over Power Connection

Connect your spa with Ethernet Over Power


Onspa – Internet Connected Hot Tub

Onspa – Internet connected hot tube feature.



This video features the Arctic Ocean, the swim spa.  There is more to do than just sitting in a hot tub, check this out…


Onzen Salt Water System

Onzen, Arctic’s proprietary salt water system, is an all-natural, automatic, softening and maintenance system. The Onzen salt water system offers the newest advances in technology and convenience that everybody loves. Onzen actually does a number of things including softening water, clarifying water, adding back up sanitizing agents, and breaking down contaminants with ozone. Read more…


Northern Lights

Inspired by the beauty of the Aurora Borealis, the optional Arctic Spas® Northern Lights LED system creates digital color changes and fades in your spa.  With an extensive variety of patterns and sequences, you can choose the perfect lighting scheme for your mood.  The system has two light locations that fill your spa with color.


Forever Floor by Arctic

Every great structure needs a great foundation and the Forever Floor, by Arctic, is an engineering marvel.  A base of hand-rolled fiberglass composites form a floor that is impervious to moisture, pests, and time.  It completely eliminates the need for concrete slabs or deck space.

View The Forever Floor Video

Read more…


Cast Core Cover by Arctic

The perfect spa needs the perfect cover!  Thus Arctic designed the highly heat-efficient CastCore Mylovac Cover!  Only Arctic molds the entire foam core (with foam twice as dense as industry standards) over a steel “C” channel reinforcement in the exact shape of every spa – no cut foam means no moisture absorption, lower electrical bills and less frequent replacement.

View The Cast Core Cover Video

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