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Gargoyle Fountain

The classically styled Gargoyle Fountain by Henri Studio is a reference to the grandeur of medieval French architecture. A beautifully simple base supports a shell basin with a winged gargoyle, and this smaller scale (28″) fountain will fit into patios, balconies or gardens for a creative focal point. Choose from different finish colors to have this gargoyle garden statue suit your decor. Add a touch of whimsy to your outdoor space.


Terrace Leaf Border Green Rug

TER_175366_Terrace Leaf Border GreenA wide weave creates for a casual and simple yet fashionable decorating solution.


Vitalius Fountain

The Vitalius Fountain will grace your garden with a Classical Grecian design. A cherubic Serentus astride the wild, sea-tossed Vitalius creates an Old World feel.  The three-piece Vitalius Fountain is offered in a variety of finishes and stands 37 inches tall. Let this fanciful fountain wash your garden with serenity!


Tropez Leaf Red Rug

Tropez Leaf RedThese rugs feature a dense weave allowing for intricate patterns beautiful enough for any area of your home.

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