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Hearthstone Stowe Gas Stove

The Hearthstone Stowe cast iron gas stove is a small size and beautiful style. Turn the Stowe stove on and off manually, or connect it to a standard wall thermostat to keep your home comfortable all the time. The Stowe includes a cast iron heat exchanger above the fire which moves air through the vents of the stove to warm your room, with an optional blower. 

The Hearthstone Stowe gas stove comes in two models: standing pilot (model 8324) and on-demand pilot (model 8323). 

Standing Pilot (model 8324): The SIT Nova system uses a standing pilot. The pilot is lit at the beginning of the heating season and stays on to keep your chimney warm and ready to use. A standing pilot uses a minimal amount of gas and helps your stove start reliably in cold weather. 

On-demand Pilot (model 8323): The Maxitrol GV60 system uses an on-demand pilot. When the stove is not in use, the pilot turns off to conserve fuel and save you money. When you turn the stove on, the pilot lights automatically.

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