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Onzen Salt Water System

Onzen, Arctic’s proprietary salt water system, is an all-natural, automatic, softening and maintenance system. The Onzen salt water system offers the newest advances in technology and convenience that everybody loves. Onzen actually does a number of things including softening water, clarifying water, adding back up sanitizing agents, and breaking down contaminants with ozone.
The benefits include soft skin, sparkling clear water, less contact with harsh chemicals, dramatically reduced spa water maintenance, and a reduction of environmental impact.  With the Onzen system, use less chemicals and less packaging.  Natural mineral sea salt is added when the spa is filled, which is then broken down into chlorine (sanitizer) and sodium (softener).  The sanitizing agents are produced and mixed with water automatically.  Output can be controlled to suit very low to very high use with easily adjustable programming. Combined with the Peak 1 Ozonator, which is the oxidizer, the Onzen system makes spa maintenance easier than ever! We carry these and Arctic Spas at our location near Lansing, MI.

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