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Heat & Glo Primo Gas Fireplace

Warm up to one of the most luxurious fireplaces yet, the Heat & Glo Primo gas fireplace; where intricate modern styling meets our exclusive innovative heating technology. There’s a reason we call these minimalist gas fireplaces Primo.  The Primo fireplace is available in several sizes to accommodate any room size. Customize with a variety of options for the perfect look.


Heat & Glo Mezzo Gas Fireplace

The Heat & Glo Mezzo gas fireplace is a contemporary fireplace with several different sizes and even a see through model.  The Mezzo fireplace would make a dazzling statement piece in any room with its modern, sleek design. With a variety of customizable options, create the perfect fireplace for your space.



Kozy Birchwood 20 Gas Stove

The Kozy Birchwood 20 direct vent gas stove is designed to fit seamlessly into any room. With several different design options and 32,500 BTUs, the Birchwood is an efficient, beautiful way to keep any room warm and cozy.


Hearthstone Waitsfield Gas Stove – Model 8770

The Hearthstone Waitsfield gas stove, model 8770, has a panoramic three-sided viewing that allows you to enjoy warmth and ambiance from anywhere in the room.

The Waitsfield DX presents a beautifully balanced fire at a wide range of operating levels. With a turn-down of more than 50%, the Waitsfield DX is a versatile heater. It also has an easy to use remote control. Turn the stove on, adjust the flame, and adjust the fan to keep the room cozy with the touch of a button. The Waitsfield includes a cast iron heat exchanger and a built-in blower to keep the heat from the fire in your home.

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