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Gardenfall Floor Fountain

The Gardenfall is a simply elegant waterfall, which artistically blends a contemporary shape with water cascading down glass panels. The rich Dark Copper finish is available with Bamboo etched glass, clear glass, or bronze mirror to suit your setting. The reservoir can even be recessed in the garden to create the effect of the waterfall emerging from the landscape. The Gardenfall is rated for all weather conditions and will enhance any space indoors or out.


Two Tier Leonesco Fountain

The powerful presence of the Leonesco Fountain commands attention. Sculptural detail and old world appeal come to life with vibrant water action. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, the medium-sized two-tier shown stands 60″ high. The Leonesco Fountain will make a major statement in your garden or courtyard!


Rainy Girl Palazzo Fountain

The Rainy Girl Palazzo in Pedestal Fountain is sure to bring a smile to your face. From the adorable figurine with rainwater cascading from her umbrella to the classical pedestal with water spouts, this delightful piece brings spring to life. This is a larger piece standing 72″ high and equally wide, and it is available in many finishes for your perfect look. Whether its design takes you back to a fond memory or triggers your sense of humor, the Rainy Girl Palazzo Fountain is appealing and sure to add charm to any setting.


Grande Barrington Fountain in Toscana Pool

The Grande Barrington Fountain in Toscana Pool is a gorgeous addition to any patio, backyard, or garden. The classic style and rich details are universally appealing. This traditional tiered fountain has balanced proportions and sophisticated style, and with a height of 88 inches and diameter of 103 inches, this will be a stunning focal point in any setting. Choose from a variety of finish colors to suit your style then let peace and serenity wash over you.


Gargoyle Fountain

The classically styled Gargoyle Fountain by Henri Studio is a reference to the grandeur of medieval French architecture. A beautifully simple base supports a shell basin with a winged gargoyle, and this smaller scale (28″) fountain will fit into patios, balconies or gardens for a creative focal point. Choose from different finish colors to have this gargoyle garden statue suit your decor. Add a touch of whimsy to your outdoor space.

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