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Regal Sphere Fountain

Make the Regal Sphere Fountain by Henri Studio part of your landscape.  Water spills from the cut sphere into the dish then cascades into the large basin below. This piece is offered in a variety of finishes and has a lower aspect standing 39 inches high but 36 wide. Classical design elements of the Regal Sphere Fountain subtly create the feel of elegance and age that will enhance any setting perfectly.


Classic Lion Fountain

The architectural details of the Classic Lion Water Fountain, which rests in an octagonal basin, lends presence and grandeur to your landscape. The traditional elements combine with thoughtful sculptural details for an old world feel. Water spills from the finial and spouts from the lion mouths into the basin. This outdoor lion fountain has special fan inserts for a fanned water flow, but they are easily removed for more traditional flow. Available in many finishes to suit your tastes, this medium size fountain is 48 inches tall. The finishing touch for any landscape is this elegant Classic Lion Fountain.


Murabella Flatwall Fountain

The sophisticated Italian design of the Murabella Flatwall Fountain is perfectly designed to fit against garden walls, in courtyards, patios, or alcoves. The balance of delicate sculptural details with impressive size and abundantly cascading water flow makes an elegant statement even in smaller spaces. This piece stands 50.5 inches high but only 14.5 inches deep and is available in many finish colors to suit your decor. Bring the beauty of Italian squares and courtyards to your space with the Murabella Fountain.


Three Tier Leonesco Fountain

The Three Tier Leonesco Fountain by Henri Studio is a beautiful and meticulously refined sculpture on a larger scale. Exemplifying the traditional hand-crafted work of  Old World artisans, this impressive fountain stands 80 inches tall and 48 inches in diameter and comes in a variety of finish colors. With three chalice shaped tiers, the soothing sounds of trickling water will create a state of sublime relaxation in your outdoor space.


Large Four Seasons Column

The Four Seasons Column Fountain is a classically detailed piece. Its tranquil trickling harmonizes with the surrounding environment as the mesmerizing water flow hugs the distressed texture of the column surface. An attention-grabbing 63 inches tall, this piece is available in a variety of finish colors. Perfect for a centerpiece placement or as a graceful garden accent.


Grande Murabella Flatwall Fountain

The attention to detail and impressive size of the Grande Murabella Flatwall Fountain from Henri Studios lends an air of old-world luxury to any outdoor area.  The peacefully cascading water creates tranquility even in a smaller area, but it stands a lofty 65 inches tall.  A variety of finish colors allows this piece to enhance any decor  and make a grand statement in your garden.


Grande Barrington Fountain in Toscana Pool

The Grande Barrington Fountain in Toscana Pool is a gorgeous addition to any patio, backyard, or garden. The classic style and rich details are universally appealing. This traditional tiered fountain has balanced proportions and sophisticated style, and with a height of 88 inches and diameter of 103 inches, this will be a stunning focal point in any setting. Choose from a variety of finish colors to suit your style then let peace and serenity wash over you.


Gargoyle Fountain

The classically styled Gargoyle Fountain by Henri Studio is a reference to the grandeur of medieval French architecture. A beautifully simple base supports a shell basin with a winged gargoyle, and this smaller scale (28″) fountain will fit into patios, balconies or gardens for a creative focal point. Choose from different finish colors to have this gargoyle garden statue suit your decor. Add a touch of whimsy to your outdoor space.


French Fleur De Lys Fountain

The traditional style of the French Fleur De Lys Fountain by Henri Studios has classical details for a beautiful focal point. A graceful fleur de lys finial spills into a broad basin supported by a curvy pedestal. With a height of 54″, the Fleur De Lys makes a strong statement in any setting.  Choose from a variety of finish colors. Create a gracious, perfect outdoor space for entertaining or relaxation.


Vitalius Fountain

The Vitalius Fountain will grace your garden with a Classical Grecian design. A cherubic Serentus astride the wild, sea-tossed Vitalius creates an Old World feel.  The three-piece Vitalius Fountain is offered in a variety of finishes and stands 37 inches tall. Let this fanciful fountain wash your garden with serenity!

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