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Hearthstone Champlain Gas Stove

The Hearthstone Champlain gas stove has the intricate cast iron detailing that will add classic style to your room. Enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a burning fire that lights with a convenient thermostatic remote control, which allows you to set the temperature to keep your home cozy and comfortable. The Champlain burns cleanly and uses a cast iron heat exchanger to move the heat from the fire into your home rather than up the chimney.

The Hearthstone Champlain gas stove comes in two models: standing pilot (model 8303) and on-demand pilot (model 8302).

Standing Pilot (model 8303): The SIT Nova system uses a standing pilot. The pilot is lit at the beginning of the heating season and stays on to keep your chimney warm and ready to use. A standing pilot uses a minimal amount of gas and helps your stove start reliably in cold weather.

On-demand Pilot (model 8302): The Maxitrol GV60 system uses an on-demand pilot. When the stove is not in use, the pilot turns off to conserve fuel and save you money. When you turn the stove on, the pilot lights automatically.


Hearthstone Waitsfield Gas Stove – Model 8770

The Hearthstone Waitsfield gas stove, model 8770, has a panoramic three-sided viewing that allows you to enjoy warmth and ambiance from anywhere in the room.

The Waitsfield DX presents a beautifully balanced fire at a wide range of operating levels. With a turn-down of more than 50%, the Waitsfield DX is a versatile heater. It also has an easy to use remote control. Turn the stove on, adjust the flame, and adjust the fan to keep the room cozy with the touch of a button. The Waitsfield includes a cast iron heat exchanger and a built-in blower to keep the heat from the fire in your home.


Jøtul GF 300 DV Allagash Gas Stove

As rugged as the wilderness waterway that bears its name, the Jotul GF 300 DV Allagash gas stove presents the perfect union of efficiency and beauty.  The Allagash is Jotul’s best-selling gas stove.

Fueled by the quiet durability of Jotul ‘s revolutionary cast iron and stainless steel burner, the JotulBurner, this stove is built to last. Incorporating Jotul Heat Fin technology for optimum heat exchange and with a 50% heat turn down capability, the Allagash will easily meet the heat requirements for a variety of living spaces.

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