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Saffire Raised Cooking Grid

The Secondary Cooking Level is stainless steel and adds 180 square inches to the cooking area.  This kamado grill grate increases the total cooking area to 460 square inches, which is equivalent to a large 27” x 17” rectangular grill. This raised grill grate is a terrific way to cook multiple items simultaneously!


Saffire Stainless Steel Cooking Grid

The Saffire Stainless Steel Cooking Grid is a durable, easy-care surface, which allows use of any type of spatula, brush or scraper without the risk of chipping or scratching porcelain.  The innovative Hinged Access Door in the Cooking Grid provides access to the fire without removing the cooking grid.  Use for adding or adjusting charcoal and wood chips or chunks.


Saffire Cooking Grid Elevator

The Saffire Cooking Grid Elevator, a ceramic grill accessory made of stainless steel, elevates the cooking grid or pizza stone to the top edge of the grill. This Saffire grill part allows easier access to food and use of a pizza peel when cooking pizza.


Big Green Egg Grill Brush/Scraper & Grid Cleaners

Try one of these handy Big Green Egg tools to clean your BGE cooking grid. The BGE Grill Brush has a unique, two-handle design for extra leverage. It has a replaceable head of stainless steel bristles, scraper and hanging hook, and the heavy duty plastic head and handle are durable and sturdy. The BGE Grid grill cleaning brush and scraper has a 23″ extended handle, which makes cleaning all sides of the cooking grid easy even when hot. The BGE Porcelain Rack Cleaner is for use when the grill is cool.


Big Green Egg Tri-level Cooking Grids

The BGE Tri-Level Cooking Grid allows you to cook multiple items in a smaller area.  The Tri-Level is only for the Large Egg.The upper levels of the rack rotate and are adjustable to multiple levels.  Disassembles to fit in the dishwasher and for easy storage.

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