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Heat & Glo Escape Gas Insert

Heat & Glo Escape FireBrick inserts offer high-efficiency heating and impressive flames. The Escape insert starts with a patented, heat-radiating FireBrick® material and ends with vivid fires, glowing embers, and 25% greater radiant heat. The Escape also has one of the largest and most authentic masonry appearance available. Available in 30″ and 35″ sizes.

Escape 35″
– Ideal for larger firebox openings – minimum 24-7/8″ high
– Up to 40,000 Btu/Hour Input (NG)
– 7 oak-style logs

Escape 30″
– Ideal for smaller firebox openings – minimum 22-3/4″ high
– Up to 35,000 Btu/Hour Input (NG)
– 6 oak-style logs


Heat & Glo Supreme Gas Insert

The Heat & Glo Supreme gas insert comes in three different sizes, the I25, I30 and the I35, which is the biggest insert available today, and can accommodate larger-sized fireplace openings.

An efficient direct-vent design gives the Supreme Inserts an excellent AFUE rating. The standard blower in this unit increases the efficiency even more by pushing the warm air out and into your room. This unit is available with a number of front options.


Heat & Glo Cosmo Gas Insert

The Heat & Glo Cosmo gas insert is designed to fit most existing fireplace openings and is an easy and efficient way to update your current space.  It is available in two different sizes, the Cosmo I30 and Cosmo I35. The Cosmo Insert features a unique reflective black glass refractory liner that allows for exceptional viewing angles of the contemporary ribbon of flames spreading across the length of the firebox.

With a multitude of finishes, fronts, and media options – this modern fireplace is sure to make a profound statement in any home.


Heat & Glo Tiara Petite Gas Stove

The Heat & Glo Tiara Petite is the newest and smallest member of the Tiara line of gas stoves. Small and efficient, the Tiara Petite is the perfect stove to warm the coziest of spaces, whether in your home or business. The beautiful castings perfectly complement the flames and glow inside the firebox. The Tiara Petite is available in four colors.


Heat & Glo Tiara II Gas Stove

The Tiara II is Heat & Glo’s largest direct-vent gas stove. The Tiara II combines yesterday’s charm with today’s technology and is ideal for larger spaces because it boasts the highest heat efficiency in the gas stove class. Beautiful and sturdy, the Tiara II’s detailed casting is available in four colors as varied as espresso, Tuscan olive, cocoa brown or matte black, depending on your color scheme.


Heat & Glo Tiara I Gas Stove

The beautiful and sturdy Heat & Glo Tiara I gas stove is perfect for medium-sized rooms. The Tiara I’s cast iron framework holds within it high efficiency and a gorgeous flame, providing a warm gathering place for friends and family. Detailed casting is available in four colors as varied as espresso, Tuscan olive, cocoa brown or matte black, depending on your color scheme.

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