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Murabella Flatwall Fountain

The sophisticated Italian design of the Murabella Flatwall Fountain is perfectly designed to fit against garden walls, in courtyards, patios, or alcoves. The balance of delicate sculptural details with impressive size and abundantly cascading water flow makes an elegant statement even in smaller spaces. This piece stands 50.5 inches high but only 14.5 inches deep and is available in many finish colors to suit your decor. Bring the beauty of Italian squares and courtyards to your space with the Murabella Fountain.


Grande Murabella Flatwall Fountain

The attention to detail and impressive size of the Grande Murabella Flatwall Fountain from Henri Studios lends an air of old-world luxury to any outdoor area.  The peacefully cascading water creates tranquility even in a smaller area, but it stands a lofty 65 inches tall.  A variety of finish colors allows this piece to enhance any decor  and make a grand statement in your garden.

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