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Saffire Pizza Stone

The Saffire Grill makes an excellent wood-fired pizza oven with the addition of the 14″ Pizza Stone. It is also good for a variety of baking needs such as bread or cookies. A kamado grill Pizza Stone is a “must have” accessory! Pick up your Pizza Stone at Heat’n Sweep located right outside of Lansing, MI.


Big Green Egg Pizza Tools

A BGE Rocking Pizza Cutter swiftly cuts pizza into slices.  Simply press and rock the blade back and forth to cut the desired size.  The BGE Pizza Peel lets you slide pizza in and out of a hot egg and has a swivel handle for storage.  The BGE Baking Stones will acquire a natural patina as part of its continued use.  The BGE Stone Scrubber effectively cleans a pizza stone while preserving its baking surface and integrity.


Big Green Egg Baking Stones

The BGE Baking Stone is a versatile piece of cookware for baking anything from pizzas to breads to desserts.  The Baking Stone distributes heat for even baking and browning, and the ceramics pull moisture from the outer surface of the dough for brick oven crustiness.  The Baking Stone retains heat, so foods remain warm longer.

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