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Saffire Complete Assembly


Saffire Smokin’ Chip Feeder

The unique Smokin’ Chip Feeder eliminates the need to open the lid during cooking to add wood chips for smoking.  Keeping the lid closed does not change the temperature or interrupt the cooking cycle.  It provides easy access to the fire without removing the cooking grid and keeps wood chips out of the food and hands out of the fire.  A “Must Have” for delicious smoked flavor.


Saffire (Red)

The Saffire charcoal fired, ceramic grill and smoker has the most advanced features in its class.  With precision flame control, the Saffire Grill can produce delicious gourmet results every time.  Whether you’re a championship barbecue competitor or simply a novice smoking enthusiast, the Saffire Grill will provide some of the most exceptional results possible on any barbecue smoker available today.  Whether you want to sear, roast, smoke, or bake, this grill is the perfect choice.  Heavy ceramic construction, a tight seal and stainless steel components ensure excellent temperature control and years of durability with minimal maintenance.

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Saffire (Black)

Ceramic kamado style grills are the fastest growing segment of the US barbecue market with good reason.  The Saffire Grill and Smoker is the newest most innovative kamado style grill available.  It is perfect for any type of outdoor cooking.  It grills, smokes and makes a terrific pizza oven.  It replaces a patio full of equipment in one compact unit.  Heavy ceramic and stainless steel components as well as a variety of innovative details create the ideal outdoor cooker.  Available with ceramic feet, stainless steel castered cart or Acacia or Teak tables with either wood or granite tops, you can create the set-up that suits you.

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