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Why choose Heat ‘N Sweep?
    We love the internet, but for big ticket items like patio furniture, hot tubs or fireplaces, the internet just doesn’t cut it.
    If you’re looking for patio furniture, you know that you’ll be sitting in the highest quality products like the ones we sell for years to come. Nothing can help your decision more than trying out the huge range of sets we have in our fireplace and patio store and deciding for yourself! We also have hundreds of custom fabrics to choose from, so your furniture can be uniquely yours.
    Hot tubs are products you’ll want to see in the flesh before buying, and we have lots of tubs displayed in our store. We also have one up and running 24/7, so you’ll be able to see and feel exactly what it’s like. You can even bring your bathing suit and take a dip!
    We also know that revamping, replacing or installing fireplaces and woodstoves is an involved process. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In our fireplace and patio showroom, you can feel the heat of our fireplaces and woodstoves in action. You’ll choose your fireplace or woodstove knowing exactly how it looks and feels.
    When you come into Heat ‘N Sweep, you can rest assured you’re making the right decision. If you aren’t even sure where to start, don’t worry! We offer design services, so we’ll help you plan a layout and come up with a range of custom options for your hearth, your patio and more.
    Once you select what’s right for you, we provide stress-free delivery and setup for your purchases, and great warranties and full service installation for fireplaces.
    Most importantly, we pride ourselves in providing lifelong service for all your purchases. You’ll never have to worry again about finding someone qualified to keep your precious new investment maintained!
Personalized one-on-one service
    We know you’ve got lots of projects. But isn’t it a hassle constantly shopping around for someone to help? Consider us your one stop shop for your home, cottage and business.
    In addition to personal spaces, we love collaborating with restaurants, country clubs, apartment complexes, corporate offices and more. We’ll help you bring to life your vision for any project. Let us be your personal concierge!
About Heat ‘N Sweep
    Don Davis founded Heat 'N Sweep in 1977, after discovering the art of chimney sweeping. The first chimney sweep in Michigan, and the 98th in the United States, Don was honored to provide this much needed service, allowing fellow homeowners to keep their homes safe.
    Though we don’t sweep chimneys anymore, we still have a passion for fire, continuing to carry top-of-the-line fireplaces and woodstoves. Over the years, we realized there were more ways we could making living better. So our list of passions has grown to include the best in hot tubs, patio furniture, grills, outdoor kitchens, fire tables, saunas and more.
    Our goal is to truly serve our clients, helping you find YOUR perfect solution. We also deeply care for our employees, prioritizing taking great care of them as well. We also love giving back to our community by supporting and donating to many charities [link] every year.
    A locally owned company, we actively support other local businesses, helping our local community thrive. We carry a number of products from Michigan manufacturers and throughout North America.
    If you’re looking for a big-hearted company with quality products, excellent service, and a shopping experience unlike any other, look no further than Heat ‘N Sweep! Visit our furniture store, we're located east of Lansing, in Okemos, MI.
    Come let us make living better for you today!
Our Mission:
    Heat ‘N Sweep started through the spark of passion for fire that our founder and owner, Don Davis had. What began as a chimney sweeping and fireplace/woodstove shop has evolved into so much more, as Don has refined his mission of Making Living Better over his 40+ years in business. Even in the beginning, though, the mission was the same: to improve the lives of those he served.
    Heat ‘N Sweep’s mission is Making Living Better for our clients, employees, community and the world. Everything in life is interrelated, and we’re dedicated to serving a purpose larger than ourselves.
Making Living Better For Our Clients:
    Our clients are an essential part of the Heat ‘N Sweep family. We provide an exceptional client experience from the moment you walk through the door through the life of your product. We make the shopping experience fun, and service is our number one priority. What’s more, our products help you and all our clients enjoy their life at home more, whether outdoors on the patio or in the hot tub, or indoors by the fire or in the sauna. The same applies to our commercial projects.
    We are always looking for new ways to enhance the quality of life for our clients, including improving their health through the use of hot tubs and saunas. The products we sell are not only high quality and stylish; more importantly, they promote bonding with family and friends, and the creation of many wonderful memories and experiences - truly what life is all about.
Making Living Better For Our Employees:
    The foundation of our Heat ‘N Sweep family is our employees. As such, we strive to take care of our employees, and their families, as we would our own family. We do all we can to enable our employees to thrive in their work. Not just a big box corporation, we truly care what happens in the lives of our employees, and do whatever we can to support that. In return, our employees take care of us and help us thrive as a business and contribute to the betterment of our community and the world at large.
Making Living Better For Our Community and the World:
    Our overarching goal is to leave the world a better place. Each year, we donate to a range of local, national and global charitable organizations, including Ronald McDonald House, Red Cross, The Nature Conservancy, the Greater Lansing Food Bank, and the House of Promise. See our Charities We Support page for a full list.
    Additionally, we are deeply committed to protecting our environment. We pride ourselves in carrying products that are durable and long lasting, therefore reducing the environmental impact. Our product offering also includes sustainable options, such as Berlin Gardens Poly furniture made from recycled plastic, and Westbrook Teak, which uses sustainably harvested teak.
    We will be rolling out additional initiatives to reduce and offset our carbon footprint, carry more environmentally friendly and sustainable products, and reduce, recycle and reuse more resources within day to day business operations. We are continually improving upon this process and welcome any suggestions regarding the environmental sustainability of our business.
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