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How To Balance The Total Alkalinity of Spa Water

The step-by-step guide to balancing the alkalinity of your spa.

  1. The recommended Total Alkalinity (TA) for your spa water is 125-150 ppm.
  2. Total Alkalinity is a measure of the total levels of carbonates, bicarbonates, hydroxides, and other alkaline substances in the water. TA is referred to as the water’s “pH buffer”. In other words, it’s a measure of the ability of the water to resist changes in pH level.
  3. If the TA is too low, the pH level will fluctuate widely from high to low. Fluctuations in pH can cause corrosion or scaling of the spa components. Low TA can be corrected by adding Arctic Pure Perfect Balance.
  4. If the Total Alkalinity is too high, the pH level will tend to be high and may be difficult to bring down. The pH can be lowered by using Arctic Pure Adjust Down.
  5. Once the TA is balanced, it normally remains stable, although some sanitizers, and the addition of more water with a high or low alkalinity will raise or lower the TA reading of the water.
  6. When the Total Alkalinity is within the recommended range, proceed to balancing pH.

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