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Zephyr Bellow

Johnny Beard is a skilled craftsman, and a rare one at that. He is one of the very few craftsmen in the United States that specializes in making bellows. They are heavy duty, durable, and beautifully made.


Small Twin Valve Bellow

All bellows are made with the finest woods and suede or smooth leather. Every bellows is hand-signed by Johnny Beard himself, a proven mark of excellence.


Small Oak Bellow

Each bellows is specially designed and handcrafted. With years of experience as a designer/craftsman, Johnny Beard draws inspiration from a unique blend of stylistic influences.


Round Back Bellow

The Johnny Beard Company is dedicated to making the best products with the most innovative designs. Handcrafted excellence to meet the highest of standards.


Rosette Bellow

This product was created by one of the most inventive artisans in the fireplace business, Johnny Beard. Creating innovative designs for the last 35 years, he is a skilled woodworker and metallic designer. These are America’s finest bellows and are built to last.


Queen Anne Bellow

Based in the heart of America, Johnny Beard Company produces quality handcrafted bellows in their Tulsa, Oklahoma workshop.


Pennsylvania Pine Bellow

Let Johnny Beard help start your fire with this beautiful hand crafted bellows made of the finest wood and leather.


Patriot Bellow

Johnny Beard Company is the leading manufacturer of fireplace bellows. Their bellows are made with only the best wood and leather.


Long John Bellow

Johnny Beard products are handmade in Tulsa, Oklahoma using only the finest woods and genuine leathers for unmatched quality and beauty.


Large Twin Valve Bellow

Creating new ideas for the last 35 years, Johnny Beard is an expert craftsman with wood, metal and leather.

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