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Big Green Egg Poultry Roasters

Achieve tasty perfection with the BGE Poultry Roasters!  The stainless steel Vertical Chicken or Turkey Roasters are designed for XL, L, & M Eggs and support your whole poultry securely in the drip pan for indirect roasting.  The Sittin’ Chicken or Turkey Ceramic Roasters have the additional benefit of allowing you to add liquid for delicious options like beer can chicken while still making a stable stand.  Create amazing dishes your whole family will love!


Big Green Egg Premium Covers

The Big Green Egg covers are ventilated, heavy-duty material with an embroidered logo. The weatherproof fabric protects against fading from UV rays and the handle makes removing and covering easy. Covers are available to fit all Big Green Egg Tables and Nests. A Dome Cover is available for X-Large and Large eggs that are in a built-in kitchen. Prolong the appearance of your Egg with a custom sized grill cover. Purchase these Dome covers at Heat’N Sweep located in the Lansing, MI area.


Big Green Egg Salt & Pepper Shakers

Show your Egghead Pride with the Ceramic Big Green Egg Salt and Pepper Shaker Set. Big Green Egg style and function are found in the same place. These Big Green Egg salt and pepper shakers are also a great gift item for any Egghead worth their salt!


Big Green Egg Smoking Chips

Wood smoking chips and chunks add a variety of delicious flavors to foods cooked over the coals.  Each type of wood imparts a unique flavor to meats or other foods resulting in an endless variety of new flavor combinations.  Flavors include Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Jack Daniel’s, Mesquite and Pecan.  Try a couple types of chips today!


Big Green Egg Specialty Cooking Grids

For perfect sear marks on your food, utilize the superior heat conductivity of the BGE Cast Iron Cooking Grid as an alternative to the primary grid.  The cast iron gets very hot and retains that heat well, which makes it a perfect searing surface.  Available in half moon for the X-Large and full circle for the other sizes.


Big Green Egg Tri-level Cooking Grids

The BGE Tri-Level Cooking Grid allows you to cook multiple items in a smaller area.  The Tri-Level is only for the Large Egg.The upper levels of the rack rotate and are adjustable to multiple levels.  Disassembles to fit in the dishwasher and for easy storage.


Big Green Egg V-Rack

The Big Green Egg dual purpose porcelain coated V-Rack can be used upright to hold roasts and poultry or flipped over as a rib rack.  This sturdy rack is perfect for roasting and smoking.


Rubs And Sauces

Big Green Egg Seasonings add mouthwatering flavor to choice cuts of steak, pork chops or hamburgers; you can also add the rubs to your favorite poultry, fish or vegetable recipes to add hearty flavor.  The Barbecue Sauce is mild and vinegary with a hint of spice and is excellent as a dipping sauce or glaze.  Seasonings Available:  BGE Green Garlic/Pepper Seasoning, BGE Green Pecan Seasoning, BGE Sweet Maple Seasoning, BGE Private Blend Seasoning, BGE World’s Best BBQ Sauce.


Saffire Cast Stainless Steel Damper

The Saffire stainless steel Damper Top allows precision adjustment of airflow and grill temperature.  It is simple to operate and corrosion resistant for years of  amazing cookouts.


Saffire Ceramic Heat Deflector

The Saffire Ceramic Heat Deflector provides indirect heat so larger pieces of meat may be roasted to perfection without burning.  It also turns the Saffire Grill into a highly efficient smoker.

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