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Linksys Router Settings

Changing your Linksys settings to allow your Arctic WiFi to connect to your home network.


Dlink Wireless Router

If your home network (Dlink Router) and arctic WiFi are having troubles connecting check this out.


Iphone Home Network Connect

This Video demonstrates how to use your Iphone Arctic app through your home network .


Arctic Cast Core Cover

Arctic’s Cast Core Cover is one of the main contributors to making Arctic the best in its field.  Watch the video below to get the inside scoop…


Arctic Spas Insulation Comparison

Here is one reason why Arctic is the #1 hot tub manufacturer….


Connecting Your Android Device To Your Spa

Having trouble linking your Android device to your Arctic Hot Tub?  Well look no further friend, here it is…


Arctic Spa WiFi Connection

Here’s a quick video on how to connect to the Arctic Spa WiFi….


Downloading the Arctic Application

This is a short instructional video on how to properly download the correct app to your tablet or IPod.  Take a peak…..


Arctic Spas FAQ Fuses

This is an instructional video explaining fuse warranty information, and how to properly check them out.


Arctic Spa Tour

Take a tour through Arctic Spas main headquarters and get a glimpse of how they are made.  Find out why Arctic Spas is the number one manufacturer of all weather spas….

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