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Connect to My Arctic Server

How to connect Arctic Spas to the My Arctic Server.


Tenda WiFi Extender

How to connect with a Tenda WiFi extender.


Direct Ethernet Connection

How to connect with direct ethernet connection.


Ethernet Over Power Connection

Connect your spa with Ethernet Over Power


Onspa – Internet Connected Hot Tub

Onspa – Internet connected hot tube feature.


Viking Series

Where it all began! The Viking round hot tub was their very first spa and bears the name of the com­pany.  Sim­plis­tic yet per­fect in it’s abil­ity to keep every­one involved in the con­ver­sa­tion, it’s designed for four but could fit six or more.  Jump in – the water’s warm!!

The Viking Series is 72″ round.

Available in 240v or 110v (Plug & Play) option

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Royale Series

The REDESIGNED Viking Spas Royale has it all! Featuring a Zero G lounger and 2 captains seats,  the Royale series has 31 stainless steel jets to provide the therapeutic massage that you have been looking for.  Viking provides you with good/better/best options to fulfill all your lounger hot tub needs.

The Royale Series is 78″ square.

Available in 240v or 110v (Plug & Play) option

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Aurora Series

Viking Spas Aurora III Series is a great choice for those desiring a more private spa experience at a great value! This model is great for those with space constraints as well.  The Aurora Series has jet options that will pamper and massage your sore muscles.  LED color changing lighting sets the ultimate mood.  Stainless steel jets accent the spa perfectly.  For those looking for ultimate therapy in an intimate setting, the Aurora 3-person hot tub is a perfect choice!

The Aurora Series is 60×84 inches.

Available in 240v or 110v (Plug & Play) option

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Onzen Salt Water System

Onzen, Arctic’s proprietary salt water system, is an all-natural, automatic, softening and maintenance system. The Onzen salt water system offers the newest advances in technology and convenience that everybody loves. Onzen actually does a number of things including softening water, clarifying water, adding back up sanitizing agents, and breaking down contaminants with ozone. Read more…


Northern Lights

Inspired by the beauty of the Aurora Borealis, the optional Arctic Spas® Northern Lights LED system creates digital color changes and fades in your spa.  With an extensive variety of patterns and sequences, you can choose the perfect lighting scheme for your mood.  The system has two light locations that fill your spa with color.

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