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Luna Umbrella Light

The Luna Umbrella light has 16 LED lights and a built-in Bluetooth speaker. Enjoy your evenings longer and add extra special ambiance to your evening. In stock in Black.


Solaira 9′ Collar Tilt Umbrella with Lighting

The Solaira 9′ collart tilt umbrella comes with an evening ambiance lighting package, so the fun can continue on the patio even after the sun goes down.


TUUCI Ocean Master Max Umbrellas

TUUCI umbrellas are elegant and built to stand the test of time. TUUCI’s technology thrusts have yielded important advancements in counter-windforce engineering found exclusively on the Ocean Master MAX collection. TUUCI’s new “V-MAX”™ Strut Design features a four-point profile which concentrates strength along the radial walls at precisely the positions where maximum wind-forces are applied. The “V-MAX”™ strut’s radically superior engineering reduces weight and provides a multi-faceted polished exterior for refined design appeal. Many styles available, including the Crescent and Manta, both shown here.


TUUCI Single and Dual Cantilever Umbrellas

TUUCI’s ocean master MAX single and dual cantilevers are both stylish and utilitarian. The umbrellas offer generously proportioned luxurious shade allowing for one or two unique outdoor living areas. A polished and anodized marine-grade canopy structure cantilevers form a sturdy, oval shaped mast inspired by sailing yachts. And with the combined features of an ultra strong aluminum milled fulcrum and automatic telescoping mast, the tandem-retrieving crank system is simple to operate and the canopy of this side post umbrella easily closes over tables and chairs.


Solair Awnings – Custom

Find the perfect awning to create shade and ambiance throughout the summer! Solair awnings are available in custom sizes to perfectly fit your space. Awnings are motorized and you can control your awning with a click of a button. Also includes wind sensor so your awning will close automatically, so you’ll never have to worry if the wind kicks up unexpectedly. Choose your favorite fabric from a wide selection to complete the perfect look! Awning have a 10 year fabric warranty and 5 year parts warranty. At Heat ‘N Sweep we provide you with professional installation of your awning, anywhere in Michigan.


Vega Umbrella Light

The Vega Umbrella Light is a rechargeable LED light that attaches right to your umbrella.  Available in four or six light options and in stock in Black. The self-adjusting clamp locks onto the umbrella pole with the lights either down or up for direct or indirect light. Simply plug these patio umbrella lights into a socket to recharge for your next evening out. Let there be light! Purchase the Vega Light in store at Heat’n Sweep, which is located just east of Lansing, MI.


Art Deco 50lbs. Umbrella Base

An elegant and traditionally styled umbrella base, the Art Deco is stocked in Bronze, Champagne, and Black finishes. It features the patented Dual-Purpose Stem, which allows you to use the base with a free-standing shade umbrella or reduce it to use under a table. The base is comprised of a Cast Aluminum Shell with a Cast iron center base and weighs 50 lbs. A 30 pound Add-On Weight is available and recommended for free-standing applications especially for windy areas. A must for every umbrella!


Solaira 9′ Deluxe Collar Tilt Umbrella

Exclusive Deluxe Collar Tilt mechanism that is perhaps the best umbrella tilt system ever! This tilting mechanism allows infinite tilt positions but puts no stress on the cord, and you tilt the outdoor patio umbrella by simply turning the table-height collar.  These Deluxe Aluminum Umbrellas come in 9 and 11 ft sizes, have many frame colors and a myriad of fabric choices. Come try the easiest tilting outdoor umbrella today and get great shade and convenience all in one!











Solaira 13-foot Cantilever Umbrella

The 13 ft. Cantilever Patio Umbrella provides maximum shade with maximum style. The extra large canopy will swivel from side to side around the pedestal base and tilt either direction for total sun control. A hand crank allows for easy deployment, and a 200 lb base keeps it stable under normal conditions. Choose from a variety of frame colors and a kaleidoscope of fabric colors and patterns to suit any style. Make your outdoor space the coolest hangout around with this extra large patio umbrella!


In stock colors:


Solaira 11’6″-foot Cantilever Umbrella

The 11 ft. Cantilever Umbrella features a patented tilt and lock system to tilt the canopy at virtually any angle. It also has an easy to use foot pedal to rotate the canopy either direction and almost 360 degrees. With large shade coverage, most seating groups can be completely shaded without any center pole to get in the way! Choose from a wide variety of beautiful fabrics and frame colors to customize your offset umbrella to suit your space perfectly!


In stock colors:

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